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Thank you. Words cannot do justice to describe the Middle School Dare to Dream event. Last night I watched the recording , start to finish and I was on the edge of my seat watching the animated reactions of the audience. The students loved it and learned so much ! Monique-your story is so compelling and the way you connected with the audience was so authentic. The incorporation of technology within the Dare to Dream event was a first for us and so successful in gaining and keeping the attention of middle school students. Not only was the presentation fun and interactive but also really moving listening to students ask questions and start to connect the importance of understanding their disability and the importance of asking for help. In the future, every keynote speaker will have to compete with the memory of your keynote!
Kathleen Kuiper
RIPIN Resource Coordinator, Rhode Island Department of Health

December 14, 2015

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Leading To Change opened our day of professional development for Head Coaches and Leadership Team and it was terrific, energetic, engaging and kept our attention. The goal was to begin dialogue about ways in which we can communicate with different generations - Baby Boomer to Millenial - and we achieved that goal. In fact, our staff has asked if they can go deeper.
Kim Record
Director of Athletics, University of North Carolina Greensboro - Greensboro, NC

June 8, 2017

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The Leading to Change training last week was amazing! I walked away feeling reenergized and with a renewed sense of purpose. Thank you guys for being so flexible and responsive to our needs. We will definitely be calling you again soon!
Paige Williamson
Family Connection Director, Vidalia, GA

April 6, 2016

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Leading to Change provided opening, recharge, and closing sessions for freshman student-athletes in our Preparing to SOAR program. Leading to Change was not only helpful in providing much needed energy for these sessions, they also took the time listen to where the student-athletes were mentally before designing the session. Our student-athletes were immediately excited when Eric and his team walked through the door. The sessions with Eric help challenge the group, but also brought them closer together.
Kwadjo Steele
NC Central University Athletics

September 16, 2015

Adrian Tait

The Leading To Change facilitators made the afternoon a blast. Their ability to simultaneously entertain us while delving into complex regional workforce issues gave our group the needed push to turn will into action. Your whole team made planning and executing our event easy. We will definitely work with you again!
Adrian Tait
Director High Country Workforce Board, Boone, NC

June 18, 2014

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Thank you for a powerful, dynamic keynote and breakouts for the Rahm’s Readers Summer Learning Challenge at the Chicago Public Library. Serving 100,000 children annually, our program has received multiple national awards for our summer service to children. Leading to Change gave vision and passion to our staff to get them ready for this next summer. Through music, heart and practical, clever ideas, our staff was dazzled by all they received in both a keynote address and two breakout sessions. This was one of the highest caliber experiences we have been able to give our staff and we immediately have seen the impact in the vigor of the staff and the eagerness to implement fast, easy and effective STEAM skills with the kids of Chicago. Thank you for providing us with such a highly fun, engaging and effective day packed with great information and heart!
Liz McChesney
Director of Children’s Services & Family Engagement, Chicago Public Library System

April 10, 2017

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The Leading to Change training on Virtual Realties: Social Networking and Today’s Youth was not only informational, but highly entertaining. Engaged from start to finish, we left feeling energized, knowledgeable, and eager to use social networking tools in our organizations/agencies to spread our message throughout the community. The process of planning and hosting this training went seamlessly. Eric, our instructor, was extraordinary and we look forward to working with LTC in the future!
Lakesha Butler
Health Educator, Mount Rogers Health District - Hillsville, VA

August 28, 2016

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Thank you SO much. The kids really enjoyed having you, in fact, they asked me when you were coming back   I love the pictures, those smiles are great reminders of how beneficial this type of day is for kids -- and how it strengthened our relationships with them. I hope we can have you back to work with our students again --- until then, continue doing amazing work.

Shanna E. Ashley, M.Ed.
Walkertown Middle School

October 27, 2015

Kelly Sexton

You and your staff exceeded even my high expectations and delivered more than anything we had ever seen before. We thank you for your support of us and look forward to additional and new training opportunities in the future as both of our organizations continue to grow and improve.
Kelly Sexton
Director of Youth Development, YMCA of Sumter, SC

June 18, 2014

Leading to Change provided one of the best half day training events my teens have ever experienced. The fast paced learning kept my group engaged the entire time. The skills taught during the training had a real impact and we have already seen our students using what they’ve learned. We will definitely make Leading to Change events a priority for our group.
Kevin Hayes
Manager of Youth Services
Goodwill Industries of Northwest NC

May 7, 2015