Catalyst Cards

Training Utility Pack – $15

This colorful deck of 54 customized cards is perfect multi-utility training tool for your next team.  IF you are looking for a portable, interactive, and playful way to group, build, develop, and even group your teams (in divisions of 2,4, 5, or even 12), these CATALYST CARDS are a fantastic option!

Rockstar Nation

Training Book and Curriculum – $12

This powerful journal and short story compilation is printed in full color and packed with inspirational messages, lessons, and suggestions for the leader in each of us. “ ROCKSTAR NATION” is a perfect gift for that student, manager, teacher, colleague, parent, youth worker, foundation officer, career coach, etc. that you work with every day!

Voices of Change

Inspirational CD and Training Tool – $15

This CD includes 15 tracks of original music, spoken word, and a cross between hip-hop, funk, jazz, country, and pop – all recorded in studio by our Leading To Change rockstars and friends.  If you are looking for a unique, heart felt, and motivational gift for your staff, students, and the Dream Chasers around you, pick up “VOICES OF CHANGE” today.  NOTE: Very limited quantity remaining!

LTC Wearables

Coming Soon

$3 shipping/handling applied to each item ordered.  If you are interested in purchasing multiple products for your entire team, contact directly to inquire about bulk volume pricing