Don’t miss the annual Youth Leadership Days presented in partnership with Cedar Fair Entertainment Company and the staff of Leading To Change. Combine one part Leadership Training, one part Edu-tainment, and two parts fun – these are the events of the year!

The 2019 Youth Leadership Days will be facilitated by one of the most exciting youth training teams in the country – North Carolina’s very own Leading To Change! Over 150,000 students have participated in their high-energy, music filled presentations since 2005. Led by CEO/President Eric Rowles, Leading To Change will engage your students by building on their leadership, public speaking, communication, and decision making skills. These days will be action and skill oriented – including small and large group sessions, educational and leadership competitions throughout the park.

Training Dates

Friday, May 10 – California’s Great America – CALL 408-986-5853 or click here!

Thursday, May 16 or Friday, May 17 – Carowinds – CALL 704-588-2600 or click here!