Cedar Fair EntertainmentDon’t miss the annual Youth Leadership Days presented in partnership with Cedar Fair Entertainment Company and the staff of Leading To Change. Combine one part Leadership Training, one part Edu-tainment, and two parts fun – these are the events of the year!

The 2015 Youth Leadership Days will be facilitated by one of the most exciting youth trainings teams in the country – North Carolina’s very own Leading To Change! Over 150,000 students have participated in their high-energy, music filled presentations since 2005. Led by CEO/President Eric Rowles, Leading To Change will engage your students by building on their leadership, public speaking, communication, and decision making skills. These days will be action and skill oriented – including small and large group sessions, educational and leadership competitions throughout the park.

Training Dates

Friday, April 24 – Carowinds – CALL 704-588-2600 or click here!

Monday, May 11 – Cedar Point – CALL 800-448-2428 or click here!

Wednesday, May 13 – Kings Island – CALL 513-754-5733 or click here!